Roller Skating films and videos to binge watch

by Marta
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Binge watching might be considered unhealthy. But now that we are all stuck at home most of the time, things are different. You cannot follow Coronavirus-bad-news all day long. And while most of us can’t or shouldn’t go out skating, we can at least watch roller skating films. There’s no better way to get inspired and stay pumped until you’re able to hit the streets and parks again. Fortunately, we made the work for you already. Here is a collection of some of the greatest footage out there.

Must-See Documentaries

“Wheels Will Land” is a short documentary by Aron Babington about the influence of skate park, street and jam skating on the lives of those who skate on quads. It features Estro, Indy, Enzo, Fink, Trample, Stiv, Duke Rennie and many more faces that shaped or continue shaping the latest resurgence of roller skating. Filmed in Melbourne, Long Beach, West Beach, Adelaide, Malaga, Las Vegas and Venice Beach – an absolute must-watch.

There are a lot of features about Moxi creator Michelle Steilen. Here’s a lovely documentary that gives an insight what drives and inspires the woman who lives and breathes roller skating. 

Words and wheels – Women shredding towards empowerment is a film French skater Cissy Spankette. She portrays a bunch of women who tell what inspired them to skate.

“Soul Skate” (2018) is the roller disco that is central to Detroit’s cultural legacy. The documentary directed by Ramone Anderson takes a look inside the world of the iconic bi-annual party. It was produced for Dazed Magazine and commented by the wonderful voice of Kenny Dixon Jr.

“United Skates” was last years hit. As America’s last standing roller rinks are threatened with closure, the film spotlights a community of thousands who fight to save the underground African-American subculture of roller skating. The documentary is available through HBO.

“This is Roller Skating” is a documentary for the nostalgic soul from the 1950’s. According to the show, roller skating has been a leisure activity of 18 Million Americans in that time.

Let’s sneak in a doc about a living legend. Suzy Hotrod is the last original member of New York City’s Gotham Girls Roller Derby league – and one of the most well-known names in modern roller derby.

Get your Popcorn, it’s Movie Time – Short Films

Ever seen a bank robbery on quads followed by a jaw-dropping, heart-stopping escape through the city? Easy Money is an award-winning short film made by French quad skater and director Phil Dussol. It’s shot in 35mm and Super 16mm which gives it an extra cinematic vibe.

Sun Valley is a beautiful short film shot at the Nude Bowl in California, starring Hayley Havick and Andi Philipps. A dreamy and authentic movie and definitely a must-see. 

Roller Skating Edits to watch on repeat

Pretty new, pretty gnarly. Chaya rider Barbie shows once again that she is one the best roller skaters out there right now.

We’ve been desperately waiting for this! “Street Fighters” is the first full length street video of quad skating only initiated and produced by Moxi Skate Team member Karli Craig (click here for an interview with Karli about her project). Skaters such as Bambi Bloodlust, Ragnaroll, Travis Reynolds, Karli Craig, and AJ Keane will blow your minds. Definitely one you can watch on repeat.

In “De Sol A Sol” Bomba Hache & Barbie shred the streets of Europe skate mecca Barcelona.

A real classic is the 2013 Bones Bearings clip with Michelle Steilen aka Estro Jen. The video was filmed at some famous skateboard spots in Los Angeles. Afterwards every girl and woman wanted to put on some roller skates and be as cool as Estro.

Need some old school vert inspo? Then check out the finals of the Münster Monster Mastership in 1988. The Skateboard World Cup was held in Germany for years and roller skaters had their spot in the competition. You can also spot Thomas Kalak, who is featured in our Yeah! Book.

Another one from the World Cup in Münster. Germany 1991. Check out Brian Wainwright´s final run from the competition which he won more than once.

Holger “Beule” Sander was a German professional quad skater and skateboarder and sailor and surfer. Known for his rad and inventive skating, there was nothing he wouldn’t try. He used the tips of skies which he modified, to allow him to do nose slides on roller skates. Later he cut a skateboard in two, attached trucks and snowboard bindings to both parts to ride them like quads. The tragic story of his conviction to 30 years in prison in Australia is featured in the latest DogDays Magazine 2022. There is also plenty of foootage of him in René Hulgreen’s “Air Attack” video you can watch below.

Who remembers Danish pro vert skater René Hulgreen? He started roller skating in 1988 and later switched to inlines. René is the inventor of the famous Vicking Flip, a sort of a side-flip 540.

René also did an amazing film, we’ve been looking for desperately. Air Attack is from 1993 and features some amazing vert quad skaters from Europe such as Taig Khris, Bo Elsbøl, Holger Sander, Olaf Hennig, Raphael Sandoz, ….

Watch-worthy but probably incomplete list made by Marta Popowska

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