New Roller Skating Edits in January

by Marta

For your viewing pleasure and inspiration we flipped, clicked and searched through the web to collect some new roller skating edits in January.

Okay, so Brain Freeze Skate Wax surprised with a 30 minute edit. “Second Frost” includes the whole team (?) of this young wax brand and comes in super fresh with a really good vibe.

Our favorite Slovenian Katja Djukic started the year with a gnarly street part called “Funishment.” You gotta love everything about this video from the streets of Barcelona where she spent some months to escape the wet and cold Slovenian winter.

With “Backwash,” Elise Koch takes us to the streets of New York CIty. Dope skating and editing, created over he course of seven months.

If you enjoyed these roller skating edits in January, check out May, June, July, October, and November.

Top photo: @the_moljitov_princess (Screenshot from “Chaya Barcelona”)

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