Katja Djukic Street Part: Funishment

by Marta
Katja Djukic

Katja Djukic (@kateskatess) has been a busy bee. You already know she made the cover and full interview of the latest DogDays Magazine yearbook. Last year, she spent many months in Barcelona, skating her heart out. That’s where we shot our cover. And we’re super thrilled to persent her latest skate video. Filmed by Remy Cadier, @matejzan and @ivanvbmx as well as @_ragnaroll.
Katja: “This journey’s been a rollercoaster, tackling fears, shedding sweat, and dedicating time. I miss street skating a lot, but this year, I’m pushing to share at least two more parts. Lesson I have learned: Release clips sooner! There’s never a perfect time – just edit it and release asap. I hesitated to publish it, but I’m stoked about what we’ve created and I want the world to see.”

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