Calle Sin Salida: A Film About Street Roller Skating in Chile

by Marta

Irina Lee lives in Chile and has been roller skating for almost three years. In 2022 she started to film this long-term project to document the evolution of their skate journey. Calle Sin Salida the first long video piece that shows street roller skating in Chile. If you speak Spanish you get some deeper insights as Calle Sin Salida features interviews with the skaters.

Filmed, photographed, and directed by Irina Lee @vairiegata, skater and rollerskate filmer, with the support or Damian Cespedes @damiancespedes with VX shots and photographs.
Skaters: ✿Daniela Unzueta ✿Catalina Fierro ✿Malena Sibona ✿Moco ✿Luciana Arias ✿Javiera Contreras ✿Irina Lee ✿Arely Torres

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