Magic Skate Goods – The New Kid in the Park

by Marta

People are always demanding sustainable and locally produced goods, and everyone wants usable and functional hardware. Now you can put your money where your mouth is. After almost two years of work, Magic Skate Goods just released their Hex Plate, and the 2.5” trucks will soon follow. This is the first effort in a long time that actual roller skaters crafted a functional, durable, and affordable roller skate plate designed for park/street setups.

Magic Skate Goods is an Australian based hardware brand with a big focus on quality and sustainability. “We have been working hard with the support of investors and a local product engineer over the last two years to make a really good skate plate and trucks, which are being manufactured here in Sydney. The most amazing part is that we can literally drive to the factory and pick up the goods,” Sam Trayhurn says. She is part of the team behind the new brand. Their intention was to create a plate which they’d be proud of, but also to onshore skate production in Australia. “We really hope this is just the beginning of localizing an industry here,” she adds. Up to now, no one has developed and built a skate plate locally in Australia.

magic skate goods

Most quad skaters have heavy setups as hard boots and wide trucks come with a certain amount of weight. And many try to minimize them by using a Sunlite plate which hasn’t changed in decades. But Sam notes that much has happened in the evolution of design, materials and skating since then.

What makes the Magic Skate Goods plate stand out from the crowd?

The Hex plate comes with a braced hexagon design. The creaters say that this makes it super strong and lightweight. It has a very large wheelbase and an allen key adjustable toe stop. The latter is something Sunlite owners probably prayed for many times.

Where to get the Hex plate?

The plate is on presale now, and the 2.5 inch trucks will be coming soon. It’s available worldwide and MSG say that they can ship them out much faster than if they were produced overseas. So, what are you waiting for?

Photos by Magic Skate Goods
Words by Marta Popowska

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