New Roller Skating Edits in April

by Marta
roller skating edits in april

For your viewing pleasure and inspiration we flipped, clicked and searched through the web to collect some new roller skating edits in April. This time we have footage from Spain, Mexico, Australia, Malaysia, and the US.

ALMA is a video part of Karolyna Leija (@karolyna________) recorded in Mexico for Chuffed Skates, 11.11 Quadskate and Dogma Paradiso. We love street skating from Mexico !
Filmed by Guillermo Mar Sierra @guillermo_mar_s, Alondra Escamilla @poniwave (Dogma Paradiso @dogmaparadiso) and Gabriela Leija.

Barcelona is the place where our favorite Bulgarian street shredder Dimitrina Krazhanova moved to spend her time skating. With “Breaktrough” she just dropped her first full part. Absolute must-see video with footage from Barcelona, Thessaloniki, Athens, and her home turf Sofia and Plovdiv.

In December 2023 @spicyivey and @MeganShaffer went to Australia to celebrate the release of their Brunny Hardcore Pro Blocks Hydra/Blaze. The Rockodyle Australia Tour video is the result where they once again prove how hard they shred the streets.

Kasut Roda is a project by Eric Perez from the Philippines who traveled to Malaysia to film roller skaters from the RollerratzKL crew and from Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, the Philippines and Indonesia over the course of a year. With this video, the skater and filmer wants to show the world that street & park quad skating is alive in Southeast Asia. If this is new to you then we have another learn: kasut roda means roller skate in Malay. Here’s also an interview with film maker Eric Perez.

Off we move to the US where Angel Lopez amazes with some technical and creative street skating. Filmed in El Paso, Texas.

If you enjoyed these roller skating edits in March, check out May, June, July, October, and March. Just browse the site for more.

Top photo: Screenshot from “Breakthrough” Dimitrina Krazhanova

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