New Roller Skating Edits in June

by Marta
roller_skating_edits_in_june Ivey Wohl

For your viewing pleasure and inspiration we flipped, clicked and searched through the web to collect some new roller skating edits in June. This month’s skate journey takes us to Spain, the US, Germany, and Mexico.

Karli Craig did it again. Strange Visuals comes in hot this month and to no surprise this video has some bangers and favorites. Ivey Wohl makes all the tricks look easy (which they aren’t obviously) because she skates with an ease like no other. Megan Shaffer hits some scary rail (of course) and Luz Alen takes some gnarly slams and lands even more gnarly tricks.
Skaters: Megan Shaffer, Kayla Klinkhammer, Barbara Moldanado, Luz Alen, Karli Craig, and Ivey Wohl. Guest skaters: Taylor, Jenedy, Ace, Hanner, Augustina, Mya, and Alexis.

Berlin Skäti Crew celebrates Go Skate Day in their very own unique way: Creative and fun!

Katrina Belen Gonzalez‘ street part Metamorfosis is wonderful. Mexico is really bringing out some great young skaters at the moment. Ktrina was featured in our latest yearbook as well being one of the 12 skaters who made it into our cover comp gallery. Guest skaters you should keep on your radar are Selva Marina and Vrenda Nicolás.

If you enjoyed these roller skating edits in June, we hope July will be as skatey.

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