Can You Do Rollerblading Tricks on Quads?

by Marta
Rollerblading Tricks on Quads

If you are not familiar with Lisbon based skater Mike Teixeira you should have a closer look at this Portugese wizard. He experiments a lot on his quads. His toolbox is beyond average which to some extent is due to his many years on rollerblades. While  most skaters who take a shot at blading tricks use the terminology that comes with them, the execution does not always apply one-to-one as quads have trucks (obviously) and no soul plate and frame. At this point we do not want to talk about the correctness of trick names. But raising the question how close you can get when trying to adapt these tricks as acurate as possible Mike gives us an answer in this video. With an adequate setup Mizus, Makios, etc. can be mirrored on roller skates. Have fun watching closely and next time someone asks you, “Can you do rollerblading tricks on quads?” Just say yes.

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