New Roller Skating Edits in February

by Marta

For your viewing pleasure and inspiration we flipped, clicked and searched through the web to collect some new roller skating edits in February.

Street footage of EM, east coast skater and part of New Jersey Skate Collective, who definitely deserves more recognition. Check out their YouTube channel and Instagram.

A February highlight was Sender by the Skooterbooter straight from the winterly streets of Utah. We actually don’t know what is happening in that video most of the times but it looks like fun so we encourage you to watch the Skooterbooters get bodied. Note: There’s plenty of crazy tricks but not a single grind!

Last Supper dropped a  short edit with Caro, Chloe, Dani, Maez and Desi in Puerto Rico. Filmed May 2023. Edited by Caro Hernandez & @halftoneproductions222

In June 2023, the international RSB team ventured on an adventure through Europe to gift us “Handmade.” The skating is truly amazing. Watch this crew shred some of the most iconic spots in Berlin, Hamburg, and Rotterdam. Including skaters: @silvkam @jammalynnflower @kateskatess @roller.ret @desidoris @monizemoka @marakipele @micsk8s @daniela.rsk8 @tiaramarelis @dagcaf @bruisedandconfused_sk8 @splatterling.anke @moc.o

If you enjoyed these roller skating edits in January, check out May, June, July, October, and November.

Top photo: Screenshot from “Sender”

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