New Roller Skating Edits in May

by Marta
roller skating edits in may

For your viewing pleasure and inspiration we flipped, clicked and searched through the web to collect some new roller skating edits in May. Really pleased with this little video journey to Canada, Mexico, Singapore, and the US.

Lanna Thornhill is not toooo much of a social media person. We have to say UNFORTUNATELY! Because we’d not be too mad about seeing more of this Canadian shredder. Chuffed Skates just dropped this short video of Lanna and if you want to know more about her check out the latest Drop-in podcast.

Just a few weeks after Sofia Agaton’s great edit another Mexican shredder send us a message! Karolyna Leija is part of a quad skate collective called Diablas Sobre Ruedas and also a very talented artist.  

Jatt Amat from Singapore has some solid years of blading under his belt. But for quite some time he’s been shredding on quads through the streets of Singapore. He just dropped this street edit showing some gnarly grinds and slides and also the clean architecture of the Lion CIty.

If you have been following Ruby aka @mothrask8 you know they shred. This video filmed in Seattle and Bellingham has some rad skating and all the in-between moments that people should include more often in their edits. Now watch it.

Very stoked to see Pika in her first street edit! “Best Wishes” was filmed last year and is full of cool street spots, an abandoned mall and a gnarly gap! It’s fun to watch Pika street skating a huge variety of spots. She is also an incredible artist (as seen in our latest issue or on Instagram), bringing a lot of  creativity and value to the community!

If you enjoyed these roller skating edits in May, we hope June will be as skatey.

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