Agustina Montañés en las calles de Berlin

by Marta
Agustina roller skating in the streets of Berlin

Argentinian roller skater Agustina Montañés who most people know by Agus is a little whirlwind, on and off skates. Some years ago she moved to Barcelona and later to Berlin where she infused the scene with her good spirits and talent. Between late summer and autumn 2022 Skäti Crew member Sabine head out to film a part with Agus. And we are very stoked they finished it before Agus moved on to Copenhagen. The part was shot in two sessions with Agus (@amntns) and Dani  (@daniela.rsk8): one in late summer 2022 and one in autumn 2022.

Sabine couldn´t skate because of muscle weakness and fatigue from post-Covid-syndrome so she decided to give her filming and editing skills a shot. “I didn´t want to be detached from the skate life, so I decided to test some cameras I had at hand (one is my own photo camera with a diy fisheye lens adapter I borrowed from a friend (@vx_doc) and the other is my exe’s camcorder) and see if it works for shooting skating. The camcorder was so easy to handle and take on a street session, but the quality is not the best. My camera was a pain, I can see how you would need more experience and proper equipment. The wind on the built-in microphone makes a horrible sound. The lens plus adapter were heavy and the cheap camera handle couldn´t properly hold it so the camera shook a bit. But Berlin is such a cinematographic city and Agus is such a good and fun skater that it turned into this little Agus part. She is not only a super skilled skater but has a great vibe and makes every session super fun. She will celebrate you for lacing up your skates and be hyped about every tiny trick or attempt of a trick someone makes.”

Shortly after the filming was done, Agustina moved to Copenhagen. Berlin misses her a lot but we hope to see a part from Copenhagen soon. Until then enjoy this gnarly clip.    

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