Lazo Drops First Video “Fast Forward”

by Marta
Lazo Website

Lazo got us really hyped prior to their first video drop and Fast Forward did not disappoint! If you read our interview with Estro in last year’s DogDays issue, you knew that Lazo was coming. Estro had been planning this project and brand for a long time.

By presenting the team and dropping the edit Fast Forward Lazo just put the first piece of the puzzle on the table. Not quietly though. This team arrived with a banger on our screens. There are a few longer roller skating videos out there but Fast Forward just adds a certain amount of extra ingredients in terms of effort, time, money and gnarliness to the soup. The skaters left a lot of blood and skin on the concrete all over the US over the year of filming. They throw a firework of tricks at famous and less famous spots. And it is really impressive to watch the skaters step up and out of their comfort zones! Congrats to Barbie for being the only non-US skater on the main team (atm according to the Lazo website), though there are a few guest appearances in the video.

Main parts feature Michelle Steilen, Barbara Arganaraz, Silvia Kambouridis, Terron Frank, Karli Craig, Allison Tong, Nemo Debevoise and appearances by Danitza Maldonado Acevedo, Luz Alen, Mary Jane Gonzalez, Megan Shaffer, Ivey Wohl. Directed by Erik Bragg.

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