13 Ways to Entertain Yourself while in Quarantine

by Marta
Skater lying on sofa

We want to keep you entertained. Especially those of you who can’t entertain themselves. The absence of meaningful tasks, such as roller skating, can create a Boredom Burnout Syndrome. But, even if roller skating and quarantine seem to be in conflict, they are not. There are plenty of things you can do while you’re stuck at the #stayathome club.  


Quit Netflix, learn some kitchen dance moves on skates instead. Or if you really want to stare down a screen: video call your mom, brother, sister, bff, …

roller skater dances at home


Wear your skates to run your errands. It’s actually a good way to keep distance instead taking the metro or bus. And you might make some people smile!


Learn to grind the safe way. We’ve been watching people set up grind rails in their living rooms. Thumbs up for Serena from Rome who sent us this clip. She found a solution to calm down her neighbors. Shout out to our Italian friends for dealing with quarantine for such a long time already.


Watch documentaries and roller skate films and edits. There’s no better way to get inspired and stay pumped until you’re able to hit the streets and parks again. Lucky you we already made a list for you.


Start a new hobby. Seriously! If you are not a book person why not do something new to stimulate your brain before isolation shrinks it to a dry raisin? Learn a new language or create awesome skate art.


Be cool, shop local. If you can afford it, support the creative community and skate brands, especially the small ones. Shop online, buy vouchers if shops had to close down. A lot of shops can’t survive a month of closing. Same applies to every other part in life right now. Stay healthy, get fresh food from your area if available!


Do Yoga or exercise. Use your skates as weights. Maybe one of your locals is offering lessons online. Support them if you can.


Watch tutorials. Prepare for the time you will be allowed to go out again. You don’t want to look like a shy animal discovering a new world when you leave the house after weeks or months for the first time. Subscribe to our YouTube channel!


Clean your skates and pads. As most of us, you propably don’t wash those stinky knee and elbow pads too often. Now you should have the time to put them into the washing machine twice and leave them to air dry.


Check out other sources for ideas. At the moment there is so much tips popping up. Sources like Planet Roller Skate or Queer Girl Straight Skates are posting videos with creative ideas.


Create your dream skate park with the best cutting edge technology.

roller skate quarantine


Build something … anything … just do it!


And if all those tips made you tired, sit down and write your skate origin story.  In a few years this might turn into a precious memory you will show your loved ones.

And remember: Stay distanced physically not socially!

13 entertaining ideas by Sam Kent and Marta Popowska

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