Unpopular Opinions? Here’s what we got!

by Marta
Unpopular opinion

Often the “golden child” of skating is the black sheep of society. Action sports like skateboarding and rollerblading have stemmed from being the outcast, being against the grain, and playing for your own team.

The intrigue of this identity doesn’t end there though. I think the most interesting part happens when all of the outcasts come together to form their own group. Do they retain the same individualistic traits?

The easiest way to find out is by asking, right?  Do all roller skaters think the same way? I asked my followers to tell me their unpopular opinions and what I got was….well very unpopular!

  • “Skating is easy, just scary”
  • “How cute your skates are doesn’t matter”
  • “To call a trick a grab, you have to actually grab something”
  • “Don’t give tips unless they are asked for”
  • “Expensive skates don’t make you a better skater”
  • “Team No Socks”
  • “Toe stops prohibit progress most of the time”
  • “Inline skates are ugly”
  • “Roller derby is very white and not inclusive of other races at all
  • “Impalas are decent skates”
  • “It’s really hard to find a derby league worth joining”
  • “The price of skates and accessories is too damn high”
  • “There needs to be more vegan skates”
  • “Toe caps are hideous”
  • “Wearing a helmet is essential”
  • “(wearing a helmet) is a personal choice and that’s that.”
  • “Amazon is going to put all roller skater businesses out of business”
  • “Inline skating is awesome and deserves more respect”
  • “Toe stops are not for stopping, they’re for jumping.”
  • “Instagram skate community is toxic”
  • “Too many influencers in the skate world”
  • “I hate that roller skating is fetishized. I hate that women skating in general is fetishized.”

Our beliefs span the gamut of the skate world. They cover everything from aesthetic preferences to deeper and more intrinsic values. I agree with a few of these and disagree with others, but what unifies all of them is that there is a deeper discussion to be had with each one. All of these opinions were posted publicly and took a lot of courage to stand up for and say out loud. I think that, as a group of individuals, what unites us is that we stand up for what we believe in, even if it’s against the grain. To be creative in your skating and to be righteous in your views is the pinnacle of skate culture. Is that so unpopular?

Words and photo by GingerShred

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