The Love Bowl 2023 at Skate Love Barcelona

by Marta
Love Bowl 2023 Barcelona

Here’s some impressions of the Love Bowl 2023 contest. The second edition of the competition at the scenic Mar Bella skatepark was a blast. Technically it was the third competition as in 2021 Skate Love hosted an open quad street jam contest at skatepark Agora.
This year 37 skaters from all over the world came to Barcelona to compete and to have fun together. It is fair to say that after the second time the love Bowl is the most international roller skate competition. Thanks Skate Love Barcelona for including park/transition skating into the dance festival. Photos by Jonas Vietense.

Love Bowl 2023 winners:
Pro: 1. Garry Manfroid; 2. Jamma Lynn; 3. Oliver Deane
Open: 1. @meg.skater; 2. @adefesix; 3. @fernanda_moralest

Love bowl 2023
@cowboy_crooks / New Zealand
@moonsunwitch_ / Colombia
Winner Open Category: 1. @meg.skater; 2. @adefesix; 3. @fernanda_moralest
Winner Pro Category: 1. Garry Manfroid; 2. Jamma Lynn; 3. Oliver Deane

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