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by Marta
roller skate mindset mantras

If you’ve had a skate injury and had to take some time away from skating to recover, these mindset mantras are for you!

Velcro peeling, I tossed off my shoulder stabilizer and with one swift push, took my first skate of freedom! Finally, the doctor released me to begin rolling again. I’d been wearing the sling for a month after I tore my labrum and had to have surgery to fix it.

Every skater collects some “ouch!” moments with varying degrees of damage to their body…and sometimes, we are forced to take a break. Any skater who’s had an injury that took them away from skating for a time knows how frustrating that process can be. It’s a real bummer. Honestly, though, it doesn’t have to stay that way!

Here are four positive mantras (and actions!) you can use to stay mentally positive during each stage of your recovery. Injuries are no joke to deal with physically, so make it a little easier by giving yourself the right mindset going into the long haul of waiting for your body to heal back to normal.


STEP 1 | Commit To Action and Prioritize Your Health

Regardless of if you had a choice about taking care of your injury; you will have to commit to the recovery process before you even begin. Taking care of your body is important. Otherwise chances are high you will spend the entire time you are injured resenting it and any effort you have to make will be that much more difficult to do because you’ll lack the motivation if you don’t care. Make your body’s health and healing a priority to you. Care for your body.

“I’m going to take care of my body and it’s worth it.”


STEP 2 | Prepare and Be Proactive

After you’ve accepted that taking care of your body is important and committed to what you need to do, you need to take responsibility one step further by taking charge of your own recovery! Instead of expecting others to tell you what you should do or rely on them to push you, make your own goals, do some research, and get informed. Make your own plan and take ownership of what you will do.

“My recovery is my responsibility.”


STEP 3 | Be Patient and Persevere with Purpose

Probably, the most difficult part of sustaining an injury as a skater is waiting for your body to heal. Every body is different; your recovery may look very different from someone else who suffered the same injury even! Don’t look around you for a timeline. Trust the process and be patient with your body as it heals; allow it the time it needs to fully recover 100%. You don’t want to rush it or make it worse by jumping back into activities too soon. The time you give to letting your body heal is short in comparison to the rest of your life enjoying being healed all the way. Remember: Think about why the wait is worth it and what you’re doing it for. Perhaps you want to be stronger or not deal with this injury any more in the future; whatever your reason is, keep that purpose in mind as you persevere through to the end. The time will pass!

“Keep the end in mind and allow your body the time it takes.”


STEP 4 | Ease Into Your Comeback and Celebrate!

Being cautious as you regain full mobility is not lame; it’s smart! As the pain begins to subside and you’re physically able to do more. If you have pain, listen to your body and the guidance of medical professionals as you navigate your return to more movement and skating again. Enjoy each little step as a milestone as you cross it with gratitude for how far you’ve come. When you reach the end of your recovery, there might be a period of time before your body and skating will return to what feels normal for you. That’s common and okay! Celebrate each new thing you are able to do and stay grateful for your health as you return to full strength.

“Celebrate each milestone and stay grateful.”

Words and photos by Breanna Simon
Graphic by Jonas Vietense

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