DogDays Magazine – The Yeah! Book.

by Marta
DogDays Magazine The Yeah Book

Finally! DogDays Magazine – The Yeah! Book 2019/20 is out. Bigger, better, shinier than ever!

Here it is! DogDays Magazine – The Yeah! Book 2019/20.  Sorry, y’all had to wait sooo long. But after we decided to go online in the beginning of 2019 and reduce our print output to one big annual magazine we got really busy. If we were going to do just one magazine a year, it had to be special. Because where is the magic if you do not try to get better each time you create something new? This magazine is the result of almost four months of work. And it’s the best we’ve done so far.

The Yeah! Book is a high-quality print product, full magazine size, printed by a local printer here in Germany. Find some silver sparkle on the cover and natural paper pages inside. This also means 100 pages full of content, no advertisement and no cheap labor country product. Printing locally and not having ads comes at a price. But we hope you all like to support this idea. This is something for your bookshelf. Make also sure to check out the limited Yeah! Book package with  an exclusive t-shirt and merch.

DogDays Magazine The Yeah Book

Some magic from the past, the present & the future

Thanks to many amazing contributors we’ve been able to collect stories around roller skating from the past, the present and the future – from around the world. We dug out some vertical roller skate history with pictures you have never seen before. We photographed under water and in ditches, in studios and on the streets, of course. Cuba, Germany, Slovenia, the USA, Australia and England: you name it.

The new DogDays Magazine features interviews, stories and photo galleries of Duke Rennie, Thomas Kalak, Roller Skate Sneaker History, Eli “Cuban Misselle” Perez, Oumi Janta, Hayley Havick, Olivia Wardlow, Micky Moo, Tilly the Skater, Roller Darby, Skate Love Barcelona, Bled, and a sensational wedge built by Flammers illustrated by Anke “Splatterling” Dregnat.

DogDays Magazine The Yeah Book

Featured skaters:
Thomas Kalak @i_am_thomas_kalak // Duke Rennie @dukerennie //Olivia Wardlow @olivia.wardlow // Mikayla Schoenfisch @mickymooskatergirl // Tilly Clayphon @tillytheskater // Darby Beeson @roller_darby // Katja Djukič @kateskatess // Irene Dose @doom_skates // Barbara Villarroel @chiqu.i // Carolina De Matthaeis @caro.rollrsk8 // Anke Dregnat @splatterling.anke // Hayley Havick @havoc719 // Elizabeth Perez @cuban.misselle // Kathleen Macias @skatexwytch // Kate Dooley @t.rex_ya_face // Oumi Dieng @oumi_janta and many more

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