Vertual Challenge Show by CIB Crew

by Marta
CIB Vertual Challenge

CIB is bringing you a skate contest for the age of social distancing: the Vertual Challenge Show. The idea is simple but should be really fun. The plan is to match up skaters around the globe to compete head-to-head, trick-to-trick in a social distance skate-off. First episode will stream via Twitch on Thursday, 30th July!

How it works

All in all, CIB Crew boss Lady Trample will host 5 episodes. Each episode four new skaters will be invited to compete. They will introduce the category and set three tricks (from the CIB Tricktionary) plus one bonus freestyle round. The skaters have one week to go and match the tricks, film their takes and submit.

Now here’s the interactive part of the Vertual Challenge Show

At the end of the week, Lady Trample and the week’s contestants will be going live on Twitch. They play each best entry for the rounds and talk about the personal tweaks and spins each skater added, as well as any tips or lessons learned along the way. Then, the live online audience will vote! At the end of the show the ‘Best in Show’ and ‘Freestyle’ winners will be introduced.

If you want to know more about the Vertual Challenge Show, head over to

Photo by CIB Crew

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