UK & Ireland Plan a Mega Meet Up for Roller Skaters

by Marta

If you always wanted to visit the UK, September 4th might be the day to plan around. CIB chapters are inviting for the Mega Meet at Adrenaline Alley, probably the biggest roller skating gathering in the UK so far.

Since roller skating blew up in 2020 due to the pandemic, the skate parks are now full of quad and inline skaters pushing their limits and promoting the sport’s legitimacy.

The UK alone has around 20 CIB chapters actively organising local meetings, generating online content and shortening the distance between those who already park skate and those who want to start. Everyone is welcome!

“Skating is better together. We meet, share knowledge, and vibe with each other’s progress. The community is so supportive, making you feel welcome and stronger. The sense of belonging is amazing, and we want to share it with even more people. That’s why we created the MEGA MEET. We get to hang out, skate and meet in-person with some of the many people we already know from IG and TikTok.” (CIB Reading)

mega meet up for roller skaters poster

Huge Event run and produced by volunteers

The MEGA MEET is a non-profit event produced by a team of around 20 volunteers from Chapters across the UK and Ireland. It will take place on the 4th of September at Adrenaline Alley Skate Park in Corby, with free workshops, exhibitors, games and friendly competitions. It is expected that around 150 skaters will attend this event.

“We chose Adrenaline Alley because it is a central point for those coming from many places in the UK and Ireland. The skate park is big enough to accommodate everyone and has features for all levels of skaters. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or an advanced. If you rock inlines or quads. Just come over. Let’s meet some friends, have fun and keep the skate culture alive.”

Mega Meet – For more information and how to be part of it, visit @uk_mega_meet

When & Where:
Mega Meet
4th of September 2022, 12am – 21pm
Adrenaline Alley
6 Priors Haw Rd, Corby
NN17 5PH


Source: Mega Meet press info
Photo: CIB Reading

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