Tender loving care for your local skate park

by Marta

Better Bearings started an initiative for cleaner skateparks. You can nominate your skate park, show your environment some love and get a reward for doing so.

While the young rollerskate community and brands are eagerly inventing, developing and placing new products, Kerryn from Better Bearings focusses on adding another level to her entrepreneurship. We already wrote about her in our last issue and how she works towards avoiding plastic in her packaging – the Better Bearings products come in boxes made from a biodegradable & recyclable materials – and by doing so bringing attention to unnecessary waste and encouraging other companies to do the same.

Kerryn now hopes to inspire more people to show some love to their environment, not only companies but every skater. Recently, she started “The Better Bearings Better Parks Initiative”. The idea behind it is to empower skaters to take care of their skate parks, to create a safe environment to skate in, and to also make sure garbage and recycling are handled properly and don’t end up in our oceans. With a few members of the skate team Better Bearings started cleaning up local skate parks that need some care. Together they want to encourage skaters from around the world to jump in.

So, if you think your local skatepark is a filthy place, why not give it a go and put in some work to make it a safer and prettier place? And you don’t even have to figure out everything yourself.

Here is how it works:
If your park needs a clean-up, you can nominate it online. You can also find information there on how to coordinate the event, a list on what you need to plan (i.e. how to dispose rubbish or how to contact local businesses for sponsorships) and how to get prizes from Better Bearings for the volunteers who help. “Event coordinators will receive a set of Lickety Split Bearings for their hard work in organizing the event and for helping Better Bearings clean up skateparks around the world”, says Kerryn. To ease your work BB provides handy templates for press releases, volunteer signups, flyers and waivers.


Text: Marta @octopolly

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