Crossing Borders – Lake Constance

by Marta

Three countries, rain, hail, sun and heat all in two days: Welcome to the dreamy skate tour around Lake Constance. A place where Germany’s rich like to reside, relax on deck of their sailsboats and get their boob jobs done. A place located in the foothills of the Alps. A perfect place to skate. On tour through Germany, Switzerland and Austria with Zarah Ba Bly, Anke Dregnat, Nami Kressebuch and Jenny Peter.



The sun was already burning as we arrived at our first spot in Constance. After the long journeys surely nobody would have minded if the deep and steep bowl would have been filled with water.  At least the gardenplots around made it pretty – who skated got wet in any case.



Years ago some dickheads had burned down the ramps under the Schänzle Bridge. With a lot of commitment out of the skate scene and some money from the city you now find this 92 feet wide dream in black. 



The closer we approached Arbon and therefore Switzerland the darker the sky went. Rain and hail foreshadowed that there might be neither barbecue nor skating in Arbon. Even the lake was stormy.



As the name implies, Austria’s Hard is a rad place to skate. Nestling between Lake Constance and the Alps you get a breathtaking view whatever direction you look.

Photos by Jonas Vietense
Skaters: Zarah Ba Bly, Anke Dregnat, Nami Kressebuch, Jenny Peter

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