Packing Tips For Roller Skaters by Flammers

by Marta

Really…Packing tips! This seems like a million miles away but I have high hopes that we will be able to travel soon. And what better way to get you all revved up and ready? I actually wrote this piece a few months before the pandemic hit Europe. So much has changed in the past 18 months. We live in a different world now. Will it ever by like it was? Meeting up with skaters around the world has become a part of our culture. How many couches have you slept on and how many trips have you made in the hunt for skatopia? We will have this again; some countries are freer to move around now and it doesn’t feel that far away to be able to hop on a flight to visit some pals and skate some sweet spots.

Whenever and wherever you plan to travel to next (with your roller skates) we have some tips for you. Seasoned or just getting out there for the first time read on…
I am a sucker for stationary and I always make a list before a pack. I tick each item off as it goes into my bag so I don’t worry that I have missed something. If you do this too then awesome we are soul mates…I realise this is not everyone’s cup of tea… so I have made a few lists for you to consult and utilise. 

Skates on the plane

One question that pops up every year is…”Can I take skates in my hand luggage?” I have been to many countries and I have never had any issue carrying skates with me. Either in the hold or in my carry on. It is always best to check with your airline. Visit their website for the final word on the subject.
NO TOOLS in your hand luggage. They will be confiscated at security. If you are on a short trip and only have hand luggage, leave your tool kit at home, you can always borrow when you get to your destination.

Sun and Hydration

Wear Sun Screen! Buy it at the airport if you don’t have hold luggage (you can’t take this through security). Or buy it at your destination. Spending time out in the sun when you might not be used to it can ruin your trip. I go for factor 50! I also take a metal water bottle (water stays cooler longer) with me on trips now. Again you cannot take liquid through security so make sure the bottle is empty for hand luggage, you can fill these up when you have gone through security. Most airports have water fountains now. Stay hydrated on your trip. Sun stroke is no joke! If you are going to really hot places, maybe pack some electrolyte tabs to add to your water bottle. This will help replace the nutrients you may sweat out when skating.

Local Geography

Get to know the area you are heading to before you travel. Safe in the comfort of your home base…look up the parks and local food stations. To me there is nothing worse than finishing a session and having no clue where to get some nourishment! If you do have room in your bag, take some power/energy bars (my friends joke to me about this, but I want to keep skating as long as I can on a trip and I need food/energy to do this!)

Covid Restrictions

Check your local destinations restrictions. The virus is worldwide (as we know), but you may find that other countries are handling things differently. We may still need to wear masks in other areas or socially distance. Where some countries may now not have any restrictions. It’s best to check before you travel. As restrictions lift…we may still see areas that are higher risk. Please be mindful and stay safe. I think I will always carry hand sanitiser now and wear a face covering in highly populated areas.


Best to be safe than sorry. You can pick up activity-based travel insurance on line. Read through all the small print to make sure you are covered for roller skates. Many of these will not cover a skater in competition…so double check and try to find one that does cover you if you are competing. There are lots more competitions for quads popping up. Make sure an injury doesn’t just affect your skate trip. If you think that you might be doing a few trips in the year, go for annual cover! Saves you time and hassle knowing you are insured!

Actual real money

WIFI can fail! Travel money cards are not accepted everywhere so please take some real currency just in case.

Have a fantastic trip!
And don’t worry, you can always buy when you get to your destination. If you forget your toothbrush, a swim suit…or your skate socks…anything will probably be available.

A list with packing tips for roller skaters to save

Essential list

  • Passport/ID card
  • Real money
  • Insurance
  • Health card
  • Metal water bottle
  • Roller skates
  • Helmet
  • Pads
  • Spare pants (undergarments)/socks
  • Tooth brush
  • Face covering (note that some countries require surgical masks such as N95 instead of cloth masks to use public transportation or shop st the super market)
  • Hand sanitiser

Other stuff (in no special order)

  • Spare laces
  • 1 or 2 spare bearings (you never know or to help out another skater)
  • Skate socks
  • Shorts/skate pants
  • Undergarments
  • Triple up underwear for a hot country
  • T-shirts/tops: 2 or 3
  • Hoody (probably just 1)
  • Photo taking device
  • Battery charger pack
  • Tooth paste

Hold luggage extras

  • Sun cream
  • Deodorant
  • Skate tools
  • Extra wheels
  • Hand sanitizer gel

If you found the packing tips for roller skaters helpful save it and share it. You might also like Flammers’ tips on which wheels to use for what, so you know what to take with you.

Words by Sam “Flammers” Kent @flammers10

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