New Print Stuff: Roller Skating Comic & Magazines

by Marta
roller skating comic tarmasz

If you are looking for new and cool print stuff around roller skating made by skaters for skaters check these publications: a roller skating comic in French, a new German print magazine and an art zine from Austria.

Roller Skating Comic: “Le Tournoi D’Alifa”

“Le Tournoi D’Alifa” (engl. “The Alifar tournament”) is a lovely roller skating comic book by Faustine Tarmasz. Faustine is a roller skater from Bruxelles, Belgium. You find her on Instagram through @tarmasz. But Faustine is also an amazing illustrator, tattooist and comic book artist. Her just released comic is in French but if you love art and don’t speak the language it still might be a nice addition to your book shelf. As I don’t speak French, I asked Faustine to give us a little insight of the plot: “It’s the story of Jasmine, a young woman moving to a new town who one day sees a crew of badass roller skating folks entering a skate park. She checks them online, discovers the sport and its community, and soon finds out about a mythical competition in a faraway city, Alifar. Some of the most amazing women and fierce skaters participate in this tournament… Soon, she makes her first steps in a skate park, and starts daydreaming about participating at the tournament as well.”

roller skating comic
Photo: @tarmasz

“The story is about determination, mutual aid, competition, anti-competition, and it’s basically my love letter to park skating and its community. I broke my leg last October and this book (which is my 3rd comic book published) was my way to cope with the sadness of being injured and off skates for 5 months.”

It’s 144 pages long and published by the french Editions Même Pas mal (which translates by “I’m not even hurt”, so it works well for a book about rollerskate lol). The price is 16 Euros and can be ordered in every FR/BE bookstore, and on many shops online (, am*zon, etc.)

Faustine would love to find an English-speaking publisher who’d buy the copyrights and publish it in English! So, feel free to spread the word.

Das Rollschuh Magazin

Das Rollschuh Magazin

Germany just got a new magazine about all things roller skate. “Das Rollschuh Magazin” is literally covering all niches of roller skating. Roller Derby, Artistic Skating, Park Skating, Roller Hockey, you name it. The first issue addresses roller skating for beginners as you find infos about the different kinds of boots, skating tips for kids, where to buy stuff and it also explores spots and where to find what in Germany.

It is a print only magazine which the creator and editor Choni Flöter and their team (who all have a roller derby background) plan on publishing four times a year. The language is German. It costs 7 Euros and you can get a copy here:

Sk8(Park)Life by @harasananas

roller skating comic
Photos: @harasananas

Artist and roller skater Sarah aka @harasananas from Linz, Austria just released a beautiful and limited art zine called Sk8(Park)Life. The roller skating comic story deals with weird moments experienced at different skateparks in Austria. Sarah is super active with CIB Austria and her art is as unique as her skating style.

The zine is printed in fluo orange, yellow and blue at @potatopublishing headquarters on 120g citrus Crush paper. It’s basically an A3 sheet of paper, folded and cut so you can read those 7 double page stories in the form of a zine in size 9x13cm. In and outside. We dig the Austrian German dialect, though there is no real language barrier in this case. The illustrated scenes at the skate park are quite universal and relatable.  

It is limited to 50 copies. She sells it for 4 Euros + shipping. Just drop Sarah a line through Insta and make sure to visit her website for more beautiful art


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