Nailed it! Spine Transfers with Joy & Tsunami

by Marta
Spine transfers with Joy and Tsunami

We all know that feeling of satisfaction when we nail a trick that either we thought we would not be capable of or that one that scared us for so long. So, we were wondering how those badass skaters we admire handle these situations. Do they know them at all? Well, yes. They just own a tool box which helps them to overcome uncertainties and fears.

Nailed it! is a video series where experienced roller skaters open their tool box for us. As almost all of them have slightly different approaches, there will be something in here for everyone.

Spine Transfers: Leapfrog and Fakie 180 handplant

In the fourth episode Swiss skaters Joy and Tsunami talk about spine transfers that they like to do. Joy tells us how she mastered a sweet leapfrog and Tsunami a fakie 180 handplant. And if you do not want to miss the next episodes, make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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