Nike goes Roller Skating in short Documentary

by Marta
nike roller skating

Roller Skating is making it into ads and content of big brands, receiving a wider recognition than we would have thought just over a year ago before this pandemic hit the world. Nike released a great short documentary for their journal. “In Good Company” is a series about athletic teams and clubs that are challenging the status quo. “Finding your truest self on 8 wheels” features @fat_girl_has_moxi  @queergirlstraightskates @kianayouwanna @estrojen @jesc.uh. But this one is not simply a Nike goes roller skating moment. The outstanding thing about it is that Nike were brave enough to go deeper and not only show skinny California women we mostly see in ads and which would feed the images many people already have when they think about roller skates. Representation matters, and showing that roller skating is for all bodies and genders does too.

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