by Marta

Crew Tape

by Marta

Hey Roller Skaters! Your crew tape is wanted…
Crew love is true love… With the beginning of 2020 we are launching a new category called “Crew Tape”.  As of now we will feature skate edits made by roller skaters with their skate crew. We want to give all quad skaters a platform where they can present themselves. You can be part of this no matter whether you are sponsored or not.  

What you have to do?
Get creative! Street, park, any locations are cool.
There is no limit to length. Video can be a minute or 20 minutes. Just upload the clip on your YouTube or Vimeo channel, send us the link, some info on your crew and we will feature it. Feel free to use old and/or new material. Once your edit is done, send your info and the link of your crew tape to:

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