206 Zine: Showing the Las Vegas skating scene

by Marta
206 Zine

206 Zine is a new long term project by photographer and skater Anny Ayala. The Las Vegas local documents Sin City’s small but growing quad skate scene.  

“I wanted to create a zine that showed not only skating, but who the skaters are. Everyone is so passionate about being on wheels, and everyone has a story about how it has added to their lives in a positive way. Getting to know more about people beyond the skate park was rewarding in itself”, Anny says.

So, Anny asked the skaters in the community about their beginning, goals and the way they feel about skating. Reading about the different backgrounds, life and travel experiences is as cool as the rad photos, which of course are in there, too. It’s a zine about skating, obviously. Though, it’s not only roller skating. Anny included some skateboarding as well, which is refreshing.

206 zine cover

206 zine has 44 pages and comes with a cool risograph printed cover by @lv.perspective in pink or blue, artwork by Alexys Keller @bbuttocks

You can order a copy here: https://malcriadamedia.bigcartel.com/

To document the making of the zine project, Anny created a video with Jennifer Gonzalez and filming assistance from their friends Mayra and Beatriz Pacheco, Frances Propeck, and Lalo Trejo:

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