You Roll, Girl! Book release

by Marta

Finally, the German book market published something about rollerskating! You Roll, Girl! is an interactive, creative journal written and illustrated by skater Anke Dregnat.

A little while ago Anke finished her B.A. as an illustrator in Hamburg, Germany. She posted her final Bachelor project on Instagram which happened to be a book called “Let’s Roll”. Basically, it was an ultimate guide to aggressive roller skating she hoped to published one day. And while this dream has not come true yet she happened to be in the right place at the right time with her idea. “Miriam, a skater from Frankfurt, works for the publishing house Fischer and contacted me. They were about to make a journal for roller skaters”, says Anke. With her knowledge and skills she was the perfect person for the job. The publishers digged her work and here we are.

The journal is really cute. It covers technique, terms and tricks and has 160 pages with illustrations. The fact that Anke is a skater herself makes this really authentic. But its main focus is on keeping track of your personal roller skate journey. It’s definitely a book suited for beginners.

Available in book stores

The book is available now in book stores. It is in German. But for collectors of roller skate stuff around the world it still might be a thing. Want to get the chance to get one for free? Then head over to our Instagram and check our give away post.

Photo of Anke by Clemens Rambow
Book illustrations shown by Anke Dregant

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