Streets Vol. 2 – A Video by Mariana Isa

by Marta
image from the video streets vol. 2 of a roller skater sliding on a handrail

Watch Streets Vol. 2, a street skating adventure from Paris, Turin, Buenos Aires, Barcelona, and Berlin. 

Mariana Isa is originally from Buenos Aires but she’s been living in Barcelona since 2019. She’s been around for quite a while, some might remember her fanzine Acid Drop. After putting the zine on hold she started to focus on filming and editing.

For “Streets Vol. 2” she traveled to Paris, Turin, Buenos Aires, Barcelona, and Berlin where she filmed 14 skaters. Watch the YouTube premiere on Tuesday, Dec 12. at 7 pm (GMT+1).

“My goal is to capture and highlight street skate culture, featuring some part of the unique local scenes of each city I visit. I collaborate with local skaters who are eager to film and skate with me. Afterwards, I edited these clips and released them as a way of expressing my gratitude, as they have always been incredibly kind and supportive,” Mariana says.

Her project is a self-funded journey over the past five months, driven by her passion for roller skate culture. You can watch Streets Vol. 1 here.

Featured skaters: Nicole Domínguez – Dyana Guerra – Fiona Colonna – Camila Paoli – Iris Cattafesta – BelaQuad – Amine -Morgana – Elizabeth Medouni  – Verónica Dalessandro – Mariana Isa – Kelly Alvarez – Manuela Lazarte

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