Skatepark ROG Needs Help

by Marta

Skatepark ROG, built over the years as a diy project in Ljubljana, Slovenia, needs help. The indoor facility was part of the autonomous squat ROG which has been forcibly cleared by the city on January 19th.

On early morning January 19th 2021 the municipality of Ljubljana ordered to clear the alternative center ROG. For more than 15 years the former bicycle factory has been a squat which at the same time was an autonomous free space. Police and security  dragged out people out of their beds, leaving them no chance to take any belongings, according to locals. Pictures show people being removed and arrested. Many lived there permanently, had their studios there and other premises were used for workshops of all kinds.  

The factory was also home to the skatepark ROG which was built over the years as a diy project. Ljubljana’s skate scene lost an important space as up to now Slovenia only had two indoor skateparks. The city allowed a short time frame to get the skate obstacles etc. out of the building before they tear everything down. Here’s a statement by the skatepark crew on social media: “We rented a garage for our personal belongings and now we are searching for a place where we can store and move our objects from the park if we can save them. We don’t have a lot of time, because they are tearing everything down, so any help is welcome. If someone has a truck or something similar we would really appreciate your help! Thank you everyone for sharing and thank you for your support.”

How to help Skatepark ROG

If you want to help, there are several ways: 

Skatepark ROG has a GoGet Funding page
and is accepting donations through PayPal:

Photographer Peter Fettich is donating the proceeds from his book “Rispect the Boul” to the skatepark ROG. To purchase please contact Peter directly

Photos: PEter Fettich

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