La Réunion: Roller Skaters from far Away Places

by Marta
roller skaters from far away

We love to see roller skaters from far away places! So when this crew send us their clip from the island La Réunion we were pretty amazed how many skaters there are. For those of you who don’t know La Réunion: it’s in the Indian Ocean east of Madagaskar.

Mael BOULEVART – @mael.boulevart
Guillaume HOAREAU – @libe_lulle_974
Maëva LE GUIDEC – @maetemphetamine

EDIT: Maëva LE GUIDEC – @maetemphetamine

Maëva LE GUIDEC – @maetemphetamine
Donatien RIPOL – @donarzrs
Emilie AH VOUNE – @tibolrollerskate
Guillaume HOAREAU – @libe_lulle_974
Afia JOHNSON – @roller_squad_withlala
Mahée MORISCOT – @m4h3_e
Lucy GAUCHET @lulu_le_berlu
Lauriane L’HOSTIS – @laurianeis
Sacha ORFILA – @sachaorfila
Karim SAADI – @karimsugarbowlcrew
Laura PAINAYE – @witchymoonchild
Yeza EL MASSOUDI – @yeza_el
Céline ORIOL – @joy_00o
Néo – @neo_97431

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