Need some gnarly roller skate stickers for your mobile?

by Marta
gnarly roller skate stickers

You’ve been missing some gnarly roller skate stickers for WhatsApp forever? Desperately wanting to send your skate mates some rolling love? Well, you don’t have to dream any longer. This girl’s just created a bunch of them. Her app is free and you can get it for iOS and Android finally.

While we’ve been waiting for a roller skate emoji for years, Laura Bethge-Meyer is sending some relief. Because honestly, who knows whether the emoji thing will ever happen. Laura lives close to German seaport city Hamburg and skates with CIB Hamburg. So, we decided to ring her up to get some more info on her little app-project only to discover that she has a lot of talents. Laura is actually a mechanical engineer in aviation who happened to share an apartment with some computer scientists while going to university. “I am neither a graphic designer nor a software engineer but I always have many ideas in my head”, she says. Though she did an internship in this field. “I really wanted to do an app that has roller skate stickers skaters can send each other via messenger. They are not perfect as I am no professional designer.”

Designers and musicians listen up

To extend the sticker app, Laura hopes for graphic designers reach out to her. “Maybe someone from the roller skate scene wants to design some more cool stickers we can include.”

She also wrote and recorded a song that you can hear in the background of her Instagram post. She sang, played all instruments and did the drums via computer herself. “I would love to refine it and record the song with some musicians.”

So all of you out there, I you are a graphic designer or musician and you love roller skating get in touch with Laura via her Instagram. The world definitely needs more gnarly roller skate stickers!

You can find the gnarly roller skate stickers in the Google Play Store as well as in the Apple App Store (external links).

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