DogDays Magazine Year Book – 06 Changes.

by Marta

Finally! The latest DogDays Magazine Year Book– 2020/21 is here. Head over to our shop to get a copy of the 6th issue or save yourself a collector’s edition.

The past year gave birth to huge challenges for the world and to individuals. And it had a bag of changes reserved for the roller skate community. Once the pandemic hit the world in the beginning of 2020, new skaters were everywhere.

In this issue we not only wanted to cover outstanding skaters and artists but also shed light on current discussions surrounding skate history, how people experienced the pandemic or on the discussion around trick names where many hope for clarification and reliability in terminology. We asked brands and their reps how they experienced 2020 and what new products we can expect in 2021. And of course, you get photos and full-length interviews with Ragnaroll, Irene Ching and features about Ivey Rose, rollerdance legend Richard Humphrey or Japanese vert skater Yasutaka Takamine. And outstanding project is Lenny Gilmore’s collage of 300+ skaters from around the world and so much more.

Collecting these stories for this issue wasn’t easy under the given circumstances. But it was an opportunity to challenge ourselves. Skaters, photographers and us had to figure it out the past months how to get it all done. We are super stoked we managed to take you around the world once again.  

The DogDays Magazine year book is a high-quality print product, full magazine size (100 pages), printed by a local printer here in Germany. The collector’s edition is limited to the number of 50. All items are designed, handmade and handprinted by us and local roller skaters who we support. We hope you all like to support this idea too.

Featured skaters:

The new DogDays Magazine features interviews, stories and photo galleries of Adam Knop @knopersik Anastasija Kukic @ the_moljitov_princess Addi Sánchez Jiménez @addiroller Garry Manfroid @garrymanfroid Irene Ching @irenesk8s Ivey Rose @spicyivey Luz Alen @luzalen Mary Smith @kid_ace Nick the Medic @nickthemedic Ragnaroll @_ragnaroll Richard Humphrey @richardhumphrey Yasutaka Takamine @kangxiaogaofeng Travis Reynolds @rollertravisreynolds Vanna Curtis @gnarvanna Veronica Karl @desireevero

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