Under the Radar: Angel Lopez

by Marta
Angel Lopez Skater Kid_Quad

There are amazingly skilled skaters who fly under the radar – and quite often we wonder why they don’t have a wider audience? With this series we’d like to give space to talents who are enriching the skate world with their creativity. Angel Lopez aka @kid.quad is one of those skaters. He’s from San Antonio, Texas, currently living in Denver, Colorado. Angel is one of the newer members of the Bont Parkstar Team.

When did you start roller skating?

I skated a bit as a kid. Inlines. Nothing to write home about. I truly started skating about 3 years ago when I found some decently priced Jam skates off Craigslist.


Is roller skating your first love or do you roll(-ed) on other wheels as well (or other sports)?

It’s a bold statement to say that roller skating is definitely my first love when it comes to any of the sports I’ve done. Basketball and tennis are a close second but, what makes the difference is that with skating you don’t need any teammates or opponents to skate. There isn’t any lines, rules, or boundaries to tell you how or where to skate. The player can go and skate literally on whatever or whatever you want or can.

Do you have a favorite or preferred style?  

I’ve done street, jam, and then park skating. I’d have to say park skating has been my favorite to learn and use to skate everyday with.  

Recently, you’ve been added to the Bont Parkstar team. How did that happen and how surprised have you been (in case it was surprise)?

Yes, that all happened very fast for me and for Bont. Truthfully, I wanted to be on their ParkStar team when I started my page (@kid.quad) back in February. When, BIPOC skaters started getting the spotlight, because of recent events, Bont asked if they could repost my video and did. After that, they had tons of people peer pressure them to add me and another skater to the team. I was still new to the Instagram thing. Soon after, their Social media manager messaged me, revealing that I caught their attention but agreeing that it was still a little soon. Nevertheless, we went through with it and signed on anyway.

What’s the best about having wheels under your shoes?

Floating. That moment when you are in the zone, vibing. Every move connects to the next, perfectly. No, the best thing is watching the people who can’t skate ha, ha!

Favorite tricks you go for everywhere you show up?

Big frontside air, people love that. Ally Oops. 360s are fun. Unity stall, when you stall with your legs crossed, yeah.

What do you do if you are not skating?

When I’m not skating I’m probably at work trying to bartend or enjoying a nice drive/adventure through the city. Mountains only on the weekends.

Anything else you want to say?

PSA for all noobs: it’s important to wear protection. Lengthen your skate time and your life time. Get pads you trust. Take off the skates and practice falling. I ride heavy padded TSG pads and I’m pretty sure they’ve saved my knee caps from being obliterated.

Make sure to follow Angel Lopez and check out more of “Under the Radar” skaters such as Mary Pop Wheels or Anastasija Kukic.

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