Under the Radar: Paula from Hong Kong

by Marta
Paula roller skater from Hong Kong

If you haven’t seen or heard much about the Hong Kong quad scene, you are not alone.  Riding parks and streets on roller skates isn’t a common thing in Hong Kong, local skater Paula says. For our Under the Radar series we chattetd with Paula to learn more about her and the local community.

Paula, please introduce yourself.

I am Paula from Hong Kong. Most people in Hong Kong see quad skating mainly at the roller rinks. I wish more people knew that you can also ride skateparks, bowls, ramps and rails on quads. Together with CIB Hong Kong chapter, we strive to keep the fire of aggressive quad skating alive. We are proud to have weekly meetups to grow together as a community, advancing our skating skills and welcoming new skaters and friends from abroad.

How long have you been roller skating and what inspired you to start?

I’ve been skating around four years! I first started as a way to explore my city on wheels. But, after seeing some videos online about aggressive quad skating, I became super interested in this new movement since I’d never seen it at my local scene before.

What was the most difficult move or trick when you started out?

When I first started out, my first trick was frontside stall on the ledge. The most difficult part is to commit to jump with both feet. After I overcame that first fear, I moved on to figure out how to slide without wheelbite; it’s still a struggle for me even now!

Paula. Acid. Hong Kong
Paula, bs acid, Hong Kong

Tell us a bit about the roller skate scene in Hong Kong. It pretty much flies under the radar.

The aggressive quad there is around eight people who come regularly through CIB. I really hope more and more people join this activity, because it’s still not a common sport in Hong Kong.

What skaters from Hong Kong should we watch and follow?

Of course me! Hahaha! Also, two of our CIB mangers Doris (@daftfung) and Natasha (@nuhtush

Which skateparks and street spots are your favorites and a must visit?

There are not many skateparks in Hong Kong but I highly recommend the Lai Chi Kok Skatepark. It’s the biggest one and combines street and bowl in one.

Favorite tricks you go for everywhere you show up?

Haha, my stable trick, always 5050, I love the feeling when the trucks lock into the perfect grind, like trains zooming down the track.

box grind

You traveled through Europe last year. What countries and cities did you visit?

I have been Amsterdam, Eindhoven for Winterclash, just watching the competition, then I went to Lisbon visit my skate friends, Michael (@michael_st_yeung) and Mike (@mikee.teixeira).

What were your favorite skate spots in Europe?

I loved Skatepark Campolide in Lisbon, it is covered from rain and has amazing features for all levels including a mini bowl and different types of ledges. Can’t forget to mention that the Forest Skatepark (Monsanto skatepark) in Lisbon as well. It was also extremely memorable and a super peaceful break from the city. It is surrounded by forest and gave me a chill vibe.

Favorite food on your trip?

My favorite food is definitely fries. But when I was in Europe, the cold beat me up and I really needed something hot, so I looked in the mirror….just kidding. At that moment I really miss the hot noodle and rice that are easy to get in Hong Kong, so I ended up buying all I needed in supermarket and treat myself at the hotel.

What else is on your skate-travel wish-list?

USA also on my travel list. I really want to go Universal Studios Hollywood because it has the Simpsons ride! I love it so much.

You are a tattoo artist (@paulstatoo_). You do pretty cute stuff. How did you get into tattooing and how would you describe your style?

I graduated from design school, I love art and drawing. I met a tattoo artist through my friend and started to learn tattooing from her. Most of my tattoo work is colorful, cute, it’s cartoon style.

Which design would you like to tattoo on someone?

I love to do any cute stuff with colors.

Anything else you want to say?

Enjoy the skate moment, just for yourself.

Art by Paula @paulstatoo_
Artwork by Paula (@paulstatoo_

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Interview by Marta Popowska

Photos by

 @nuhtush & @gigi.wp

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