Under the Radar: Marian from Buenos Aires to Barcelona

by Marta
Marian from Buenos Aires

Marian from Buenos Aires is a roller skater who’s been around for quite some time. In 2019, she left Argentina and moved to Barcelona. Since then she’s been shredding streets and filming a lot around Europe. We took her new video “Voyager” as an opportunity for an Under the Radar interview. Read why she has moved once around the world, what reasons there are to refilm a trick and where you find her favorite street spots.

You’re originally from Buenos Aires but have been living in Barcelona since 2019. Why did you move here? 

I moved to Barcelona in 2019 for a job offer as a product designer. When the opportunity came, I didn’t hesitate. Although I had never traveled to Europe before, I saw it as my chance to explore and skate. I sold and gifted everything I had in Buenos Aires, keeping only a suitcase and the dream of traveling around Europe to skate at all the legendary spots I had admired in skate videos for so long.

Who inspired you to start street skating?

I started roller skating around 2016/2017 in Buenos Aires. I had some really old artistic skates and was inspired by the Rollerbones Estrojen video, which sparked my imagination. I put on those skates and began exploring the city with a new perspective, feeling it was the best sensation in the world. Back then, there were only a few girls roller skating in Buenos Aires. I met Marina Giorno, who showed me that it was possible to skate ramps with whatever skates I had, and Ceci, who was amazing at ripping bowls. I also found Caro from Persistir Pilchas, who organized a meetup that year. So I went and there and met many friends who shared my passion for skating and fun. I still skate with all of them whenever I’m in town. Back then roller skating was a lot of nonsense on skates, not too many fancy tricks, so whenever I feel stuck now with a trick I try to go back to that moment of “flamingo or marilyn stalls”, haha, and take out the pressure of it and just have fun.

You traveled a lot around Europe. Which street spots are your favorites and a must visit?

I’ve had the opportunity to skate at some really amazing spots and locations across Europe. Here are a few of my favorites:

Palais Tokyo in Paris: It’s the most beautiful place I’ve ever skated. The view is stunning—you can see the Eiffel Tower, and it has incredible sculptures that you can skate. Barceloneta Spot in Barcelona: This spot is great because it has gaps, ledges, and a slappy area. Within a 100-mtsr radius, you have all these together, making it a perfect spot for hanging out all day. Piazza Castello in Torino, Italy: A lovely spot with marble ledges right in the center of the city, the floor is smooth and it has this centric view which is fun. SEB Huset in Copenhagen: This spot features incredible ledges and gaps.

You’ve been filming for some years now. When did you find your love for filming and editing?

My grandpa was a photographer who used to sell portraits to families door-to-door with his motorcycle. (Attached is a photo of him and his friends with the portraits they sold in 1952). He was a life hustler, and I definitely inherited this spirit from him. I always had a camera and loved taking pictures. When I started roller skating with my friends, Iris and Caro started a fanzine called Acid Drop, and I took pictures of the spots we visited and the adventures we had and never stopped.

For me, filming and skating go hand in hand, and I absolutely love the energy that comes with it. I feel the same hype when my friends land a trick as I would if I did it myself. I love to motivate them through my lens, it’s a beautiful cycle that keeps me inspired and passionate. 

Black and white photo of photographers in 1952
Marian's granpa Lolo in 1952 in Buenos Aires posing with his friends.

What are reasons to refilm a trick?

I usually refilm tricks when there are issues with the camera or equipment, or if the trick wasn’t recorded correctly. I often refilm manuals because I can’t see the detailed picture on my camera while filming. Sometimes, when I review the footy at home, I notice that I touched the ground with my other wheels, so I refilm to get it right.

For other tricks, even if they aren’t perfect, I try to keep them as they are. If I landed it and it was recorded, that’s good enough for me. This is mainly because I don’t often go to the same spots. I try to find unique spots that aren’t the most common or popular ones, and which are usually far from the city center. Going to these spots is always a mission with friends, and I like to keep the footage not just for the trick, but also as a memory of the friend who filmed it and the experience we shared that day.

Which is your favorite skate video?

Michelle Steilen – Bones Bearings video, Caprichosas by Barbie Patin y Moco, Calle sin salida by Irina Lee, Making Gravy by Chuffed Skates, Fast Forward by Lazo, Quadrentena by Secuela, Pixies Quad Skate, and 723 de Carolina.   

Black and white photo of roller skater Marian
Marian – photo: Leon Gzo

Which countries are on your skate-travel wish-list? 

 I would love to visit Luxembourg and go back to Rio de Janeiro to Praça XVI. And wherever life takes me.

Praça XV on film in 2018
Praça XV in Rio de Janeiro, on film in 2018

Who inspires you outside of roller skating?

I am inspired by my mom’s cooking, my brother’s advice, and coffee with my friends. I owe everything to them and try to give back all the love they show me through the simplest things, which are the most meaningful to me.

Any future plans?

Currently, I focus on living in the present. At 37, my goal is just to skate every day that I can and I’m grateful that I can still do my tricks and learn new ones at my own pace. Life has taught me that plans can often be overturned by fate, so I choose to appreciate the opportunity to be with friends, skate and enjoy each moment as it comes.

portrait of roller skater Marian

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Interview by Marta Popowska
Top image: screenshot of Voyager

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