Bont Park Star Team adds four new skaters

by Marta
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Bont Park Stars is another roller skate brand that continues to grow their park team. In 2020 the seven returning riders are joined by four new skaters. But growing the squad is not all that the Australians have in mind this year. Some new products for your skate park set-up – such as wide trucks and wheels – are on the way!

Bont Park Star skaters hail from Colombia, Argentina, France, Germany, Australia, Korea and the USA. “Having diverse and international representation on our team is extremely important to Bont because having skaters from all over the globe shows the skate community diverse styles, cultures and lifestyles”, team skater and social media manager Christine “Shorty” Murray says.

Shorty points out that extreme sports are not mainstream sports and are all about celebrating self-expression: “There is no one way or “right way” to do any type of roller-skating trick. Bont looks for skaters that are innovative and creative and let their skating speak for itself. We aren’t necessarily looking for the skaters with the biggest spins or flips, but skaters that think outside the box, bringing something new and creative to the parks and streets that we’ve never seen before.”

New park wheels and wide trucks are on the way

The Park Star skate was released in September 2017 and was designed for park and street skating. For the Australian brand, which was so far well-known for their speed skates and roller derby skate shoes, this marked the entry in another niche. And they are dedicated to add more innovations to the market. “In 2020, Bont will produce Discotrux, a truck designed by Bont ParkStar ‘Disco’ for street and park skating. They are made of solid aluminium with interchangeable parts, specifically the option to use wide or extra wide axles (70mm or 100mm)”, Shorty explains. A park wheel called Flow is also in the making. It will be available in two hardnesses: The 98a Park Flow and the 89a Street Flow for a super smooth ride over bumpy surfaces. The ParkStar team has had already the chance to test everything out.

The 2020 ParStar Squad

Let’s take a look at the actual 2020 skate team. Returning and well-known faces are Felony, Bitzy, Whippa, Micky, Disco, Helly and Shorty.

roller skater jumps stairs
Whippa at Bato Bay Skate Park – Photo: Ange Maloney

Let’s take a closer look at the new faces. First off is Alexandra Londoño who we already introduced as she also managed to get picked by CIB. The Colombian skater just announced she will be at RollerCon in Las Vegas. So, in case you will be there, you might get the chance to see her skate.

Madisson “Punky” Eaton started quad skating in skateparks in 2017 and quickly grew a passion for it. The 19-year-old shredder is from San Diego and can be spotted skating those beautiful bowls this has. Asked about her favorite kind of tricks she says she is all about handplants, handstand, cartwheels, miller and monkey flips.

With Anke Dregnat, finally also a German skater is on the map. She has been around for a while and is a driving force in the Hamburg skate scene, not only a committed skater but also very active in the skate community.

Last but not least Bont added Lucia Dimango from Buenos Aires. This woman is such a badass and fearless skater and it seems that she even leveled up after her recent baby-pause. She is at home in the streets as well as in transitions.

It will be very exciting to watch all those new faces develop their skills as the level is going up so fast already. If you missed out, you can check out the new CIB and Antik skate teams here.

Words by Marta Popowska
Photo of Punky by Bobby Sarmiento

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