Spellcaster, Skating in Hamburg and a VX1000

by Marta

Berlin’s Skäti Crew not just dropped one but two brand new edits. Jana has been collecting clips for a year. Her first skate part “Spellcaster” gives us Berlin vibes topped with the steezy camera work by her partner Christoph who has been following her with the legendary Sony VX1000. For the second clip a few Skäti Crew members took a trip to Hamburg to check out some famous street spots and to enjoy the marine breeze which they miss in Berlin. According to Sabine, the trip edit was filmed fully on a cellphone over the course of a weekend.

Side note as you should know two Skätis for their creative work: Jana is the maker and creator of Spellcaster slide block (@spellcasterslider666). She makes cool sliders out of recycled skateboards. Check them out if you are looking for something more unique. And you might know Anna’s amazing illustrations already. In case not, you can find her often roller skate themed art at @anndrawsthings and in our latest yearbook.

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