Crew Tape: CIB Christchurch having a casual Sunday

by Marta
roller skates christchurch

CIB Christchurch from New Zealand hit Knightstream skate park just before the lockdown. Filmed and edited by Madam Gogo who normally is a photographer. Still recovering from a torn MCL, Gogo gave filming a first try with her GoPro.

CIB Christchurch skaters are: @ladywrecker @57_ultraviolet @longestdrinkintown @azulavidela @jencherie84 and Brad (winners of CIB Christchurch’s cutest couple award). @ladywrecker, just recovered from knee injury and six months off skating, owner of the satanic kitty leggings and vampire bat schwings, @57_ultraviolet, Irish import, @longestdrinkintown aka Birdie, crew mum and organizer of all things, @azulvidela Argentinian import aka Cray Cray, @jencherie84, joint owner of CIB Christchurch’s Skate dog of the year Melody.

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