Under the Radar: Virginie aka Virgetures

by Marta
Virgeture roller skater France

There are amazingly skilled skaters who fly under the radar – and quite often we wonder why they don’t have a wider audience? With this series we’d like to give space to talents who are enriching the skate world with their creativity. Virginie Colin aka @virgetures is one of those skaters. The French rider has been mesmerizing us with her fancy moves, dancing light-footedly across the streets and skate parks.

Hi Virginie, tell us who you are and where you are from?

My name is Virginie Colin, I’m 29 years old. I live in France, in a town called Metz.

When did you start roller skating?

I started roller skating when I was 3, with artistic roller skating, I danced for 7 years and then I stopped when I entered middle school. I took my skates to go out with friends sometimes but never imagined going to the skatepark with them. Then, I discovered roller derby with the RDMC team (Roller Derby Metz Club), and with some other team mates I started going to the skate park in 2017. On social media I saw Estrojen, then Barbie Patin, so I had to try skating in parks. Since then it’s my biggest motivation.

Is roller skating your first love or do you roll(-ed) on other wheels as well?

Roller skating is my first love. I tried various other sports such as volley-ball, snowboarding or gymnastics, but the only activity I really identify myself with is roller skating.

Do you have a favorite or preferred style?

I really like street skating, I invite every rider to do the same and to discover their city on wheels. It’s so full of surprises. This summer I went on a road trip on the west coast of France, it was incredible. I know on my next holiday I will do the same.

What’s the best about having wheels under your shoes?

Life is better on wheels! I feel free with my skates on. I’m having fun with my friends AND I get to push back my own limits all the time.

Favorite tricks you go for everywhere you show up?

I’ve learned a combination of dancing tricks a long time ago. It’s one of the first dancing love I tried in a skatepark and in the street. It’s a combination of two 180 on toe stops and one 360. This trick suits me well because it’s a mix between dance and freestyle.

What do you do if you are not skating?

When I don’t skate, I’m busy with the Patine Slide association with the girls. I like creating flower pots based on doll heads, and I’m a good cook, I really like to eat.

Best music to skate to?

 I like to skate to Gorillaz “Momentary Bliss”, Violent Femmes, La Femme “Pragmatique”, Nina Simone… and many more

Anything else you want to say?

I would like to thank all the riders and friends who support me and trust me, whether we are close or not, with true passion. With Patine Slide we are going to continue to promote roller skating for everyone. Thanks to Dogdays magazines for the support you show to all riders.

See you on wheels!

Virgine on tour
Patine Slide Crew in Metz, France
Toe Stop Stab, Mimizan Skate Park

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