Lockdown Pastime for Roller Skaters Part II

by Marta

As Covid-numbers have been increasing in many parts of the world a lot of countries went on a second lockdown. With sports facilities and skate parks closed you might be stuck in your small apartments left without much options for a work-life-balance. Or are you in an area that faces a very wet or snowy winter with no place to skate? If you have already run through the whole program of our “13 Ways to Entertain Yourself while in Quarantine” and watched our “Roller Skating films and videos to binge watch”, and are looking for more lockdown pastime for roller skaters, we’ve got you covered. We searched the web for more activities for you.

Hydro Dip your Trucks and Plates

Mick from Berlin has a sweet but still unknown Youtube channel where she is not only showing you how to hydro dip trucks and plates for roller skates. There are also tutorials on how to make aluminum insoles for diy set-ups or custom Vans mounts.

Yoga for Skaters with Kid Ace

Mary Smith aka Kid Ace is not only a sick roller skater but a certified Vinyasa yoga teacher and personal trainer. Mary is also the creator of the Yoga for Skaters practice. Being stuck at home more than usual might be the right time to do something for your beaten-up-by-concrete body. So start strengthening that body to bring these ho-hos to life.

Build Stuff to Skate on

You might have created a diy rail already, but how about a wedge? Flammers created this wonderful “cheese wedge” for our Yeah!Book. Here are the step by step instructions including a video.

Skater builds a wedge

Or if you have skills, money, space or just a healthy ambition why not build your own mini ramp?! @simon_slays and her husband Kyle made a (cheap) ramp and shared their plans, shopping lists and instructions.

Watch Hot Skates with Queer Girl Straight Skates with Michelle Steilen

In this episode of Hot Skates Rebel interviews Michelle Steilen aka Estro Jen asking some hot questions. If you want to know why Estro dissolved the Moxi skate team and got their toe nails removed watch this episode.

Lockdown Pastime for Roller Skaters with Rollerouge

A self-proclaimed roller skating prodigy, long jumper and roller skate entertainer is Jared Kerr aka Rollerouge. The aspiring Olympian brings you a daily dose of tips, tricks and comedy on your screen. One thing: you must not be allergic to the color red.

Once you made it through the list…

If your kids, brothers, sisters or the neighbor’s brats got some Lego, borrow it, build your dream skate park and wish this pandemic away.

roller skate quarantine
Photo: Sam Kent

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