Looking back at Blading Camp with Bomba Hache

by Marta
Blading Camp

Blading Camp is a roller skater’s paradise, some would say it’s their Disney World. For five years it has been happening every summer in Málaga, Spain. The camp is open to all ages and skill levels, combining rollerblading and quad skating (you choose). Campers learn from of the best instructors/skaters there are at the moment. One of them is Sara Helena aka Bomba Hache. She just spent a month of teaching in Malaga. So, we took the chance for a little interview. Should we put a summer week in Málaga on our bucket list? According to Bomba, there is only one answer to this question.

Hi Bomba, how was your summer so far?

It was like a breath of fresh air for me. After confinement, feeling despair, loneliness and not being able to roller skate at all during the winter time due to heavy rains; I could finally breath, travel, connect with others and enjoy what I love the most: freestyle. Being able to roller skate 24/7 brought me so much joy and peace of mind. It is impressive how important sport is to feel healthy. Personally, it helps me a lot to reduce anxiety, improve my stress levels, and improve my physical and mental performances. Freestyle roller skating makes me feel fulfilled and like everything I want to get is in my hands; or in my feet, hahaha!

Blading Camp

You just spent four weeks in Malaga at Blading Camp coaching roller skaters. Tell us a bit about your experience. What’s the vibe like over there?

I coached four amazing unforgettable weeks through August and September 2021. The Blading Camp Staff makes experience in Málaga so easy, cool and fun. They have 6 days planned with the best activities: visiting skateparks, sightseeing, lakes, beaches, roller disco… The Camp staff is always looking out for the campers so they don’t need to worry about anything during their stay and have everything they need. They want people just to worry about roller skating and having a great time. They are always making everyone feel at home. The vibes there are the best as it is a very relaxed – close environment in which all get to meet and spend time with each other. Blading Camp is magical as it brings people together from all around the world, many who have never met before and forges bonds of friendship. I was lucky to coach along with @dread_roller @mery_munoz @_ragnaroll @estrojen @miguelcamina @joeatkinsons @uani & @j_glowing 

It’s been two weeks of quads only and two weeks where quads and inlines were sharing a camp week. How do they inspire each other?

The beauty of events like this is the energy of people. When we are at camp we are a team whose goal is to absorb all the good. This means that we learn from each other, respecting, encouraging, helping and motivating one another. It is a real gift to see the community (inlines and quads together) exchanging experiences, roller skates and having a great time together. 

Bomba has been coaching for four weeks and is still full of energy
Blading Camp

Did you try out some inline skates? If yes, how did you like it?

I used to inline speed skate when I was little but I must say I didn’t exchange roller-skates with any rollerblader this time. I had a few falls on the quads already and too many days shredding hard so I didn’t want to push it harder and get any more banged up. Anyways, I have some at home that I will definitely try when I have some more time.

What makes Blading Camp experience different from the regular workshops?

BC is a week in which we not only share that skatepark experience but we are together 24h sharing meals, road trips, adventures, nights out and so on. Spending more time together allows us to connect and get to know each other better off the track. We have time to share tears of excitement for accomplishing what seemed impossible, laughter of complicity and hugs that warm the heart. Having that amazing team of people caring about you and campers is what make the experience so unique and unforgettable. It’s a very real experience that marks the lives of those who go and live the camp experience. 

Blading Camp Estro Jen and Miguel Ramos
Instructors Estro Jen and Miguel Ramos
Blading Camp
During the stay you also get to see Spanish cities, sights, beaches, lakes....

You’ve been to Blading Camp before as a coach. How was this time different from the past years? 

Last year was pretty special as it was my first year coaching. Also, the pandemic made things hard and I felt really blessed I could live that experience. This year was even more amazing! I got to spend a month and a half living Malaga vibes and coaching during four weeks. I got to see old faces and meet new people. Through social media I get to connect with so many roller skaters from all around the world, follow their skating and feel inspired by them. Sometimes it is not as much about the skating but about personalities, perseverance, strength, fortitude and inner glow what makes me fall in love with a roller skater and BC was so full of stars. Also, getting to roller skate with the people you watch through the screen and admire somehow or another makes everything more significant and real. This year was also priceless because I saw and felt tears and laughs of happiness from those who overcame their fears and that is the best and most rewarding feeling that I could get as a coach, as a mate, a friend. 

When you are not skating you are a school teacher. I guess summer vacation makes it possible for you to spend some time in Malaga. How hard will it be to get back to normal?

It’s not like I get any holidays or time off my job as I work as a substitute teacher. So when I’m not needed, I’m unemployed and that gives me free time to roll. Getting back to teaching life at school is sometimes very hard because I barely have spare time to roller skate and that is what makes me the happiest. Living without what brings you life even if is just for a moment can be so frustrating and stressful. I love roller skating and sharing so much I wish I could stay in that state for the rest of my life. I want to believe that when you have a dream you just need to want it with all your heart and pursue it so hopefully life takes me to that skatepark heaven type of life.

For more infos on Blading Camp check out their website

Interview by Marta Popowska
Photos by Jon Ortiz

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