Roller Skating Videos To Binge Watch Part II

by Marta
roller skating videos to binge watch

Forget Netflix and co. There is still a lot of roller skating videos that you have not seen. After our successful compilation “Roller Skating Videos to Binge Watch” here is Part II of the list. As we not only dug out some old stuff, there is lot of new edits and film that talented people created recently.

Roller Skating in Stuttgart in the 1980s

Okay, some of these guys are featured in our latest issue. Stuttgart is the city in the south of Germany where DogDays is being created since 2018. But it has a lovely history of maniacs who used to go downhill in the city with the steep roads. As there are no videos of these dangerous endeavors, here is another really funny clip of jumping stairs at the legendary “Schlossplatz”. Bonus: if you speak German, enjoy this dialect. 

Flipper’s Skate Heist

This is a cool short film that has recently hit the internet. Engineered by Flaneurz, it’s been done for Flipper’s official limited-edition skate of the 30th anniversary of @DrDreVEVO’s The Chronic. One of the amazing masked skaters is @addiroller. Enjoy this fast and furious chase through Mexico.

Parts & Edits

We said it once, we say it again: Kim Newmoney’s Single & Afraid to Mingle is a hurricane of a street part. Kim worked for five months on it, skating in Spain and LA area it is truely an amazing edit. Kim’s fearlessness is unmatched. She jumps off the highest shit, takes hard slams with a smile – hard to believe, she’s only been skating for a couple of years.

California Dreaming is an edit of a memorable session at Venice skatepark of the S1 skate crew. Recently we interviewed the creative mind behind the project, Caro Hernandez, about the making of California Dreaming.  

The Australian quad scene has been growing immensely over the past year and the skaters level up like crazy. As many skaters fly under our radar a good platform to see where the Aussies are at is the YouTube channel of “The Few Studio.” They hold a video contest every year. Just watch through the videos of the entries.

And while we are speaking of Australia, the YouTube channel of Chuffed Skates is a resource for great edits and skating. Recent addition is “Middle Ground” by Gabby Zussino.

Megan Shaffer’s street part Dog Water premiered at Quad Cup in spring. While the majority of quad skaters still favor transition, we’re stoked to see people like Megan choosing to shred rough and tough asphalt. There’s a pretty nitty interview with sick images in our latest yearbook, too.

Queen of the streets Barbie got us hooked with her part Blessed introducing her signature skate.

Last Supper is a new skate wheel brand with a young and fresh crew hailing from the US. “Revolver” is the street edit featuring their team skaters @estyban_ @chloes.claws @kianapastrana @odilly.gif @mattt.things @oh_jacqueline_ @hannahisaperez @wh1te_thrash @_destiny512

“Furore” is the first full edit by Coven Roller Skate Shop presenting their team. And as far as we know it is the first Italian quad team video to this day. The Triest (Italy) based brick & mortar roller skate shop is run by Irene “Doom” Dose who is spreading the stoke throughout the country and beyond. The video was shot between September 30th and October 3rd in Italy and Croatia.

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