“Oh My Quad” Contest in Belgium

by Marta
oh my quad

With the growth of roller skating, the number of competitions is increasing. After Breaking Trucks in Malaga and recent first timers in Nantes, France, and Madrid, Spain, another country is joining the contest circle. Next up: “Oh my Quad!” at Skate Heaven in Edegem in Belgium on March 28th.

The person behind the idea is Belgium based skater Mira Goedert. Back in 2017 CIB Belgium organized a quad skate contest as part of a skateboard event. “It was so much fun to see so many skaters compete, cheering for each other and pushing each other to try new tricks. In July, I went to Luxembourg for another competition, organized by Rollerskate Europe. I met skaters not only from Luxembourg and Belgium, but also from France, Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands. Even though the contest itself was a lot of fun, I most of all loved meeting all these people and skating and cheering together”, Mira recalls their motivation.

As there are barely any of these events in her area, Mira decided to take action. Luckily, they met the people from “Skate Heaven”, an indoor skatepark near Antwerp. “They decided to start focusing more on quad skating too.” Quad only nights were born and with them a quad only skate contest.  

How will the Oh My Quad contest look like?

 “Oh My Quad” will be a quad skate only contest. Scheduled are a mini ramp and a street contest. “All levels are welcome to participate, but if there are a lot of skaters we might have to work with qualifier rounds/semifinals. We don’t want to split up the group in men and women, because I think it’s much more fun and motivating to have everyone skate together and learn from each other. We do want to make sure everyone gets a fair chance to win, so maybe we’ll have a shared podium, but that’ll depend on the final number of skaters that sign up and, of course, how well they do during the contest!”


Skate Heaven, CIB Crew and their local skate shop Sucker Punch are supporting the contest with prizes. 

How do I sign up?

For more info and schedule updates, check the Facebook event

Registration this way

oh my quad

Poster artwork by Manou Gijsbrechts

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