In collaboration with Persistir

by Marta

You love cool shirts and want to support your favorite artist? Well, then hit the shop button! Because here is your chance to get your hands on a Persistir longsleeve made for our limited series called “In collaboration with”.

Carolina De Matthaeis is from Buenos Aires, Argentina. She is an artist and skater who paints and explores the world of drawing, wood engraving and other techniques. As she began to skate, roller skating became a subject in her drawings. “Some characters emerged and took their own identity. A character that most often appears is a masked skater and its best friend and partner in crime, which is a pig”, Carolina says. You also find them on her clothing designs and stickers of her brand Persistir – a small apparel brand she launched in 2015. “They reflect the folklore of roller skating, situations and emotions that many of us share.” Carolina also makes a rollerskate zine called QUAD. Make sure to check it out.

For our “In Collaboration with Persistir” edition Caro created another great design. Check out the limited longsleeve shirts with her “Skate Gang” on it. By purchasing a shirt you support our magazine and Carolina’s art. 

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