Megan Shaffer Street Edit “Dog Water”

by Marta
Megan Shaffer Street Edit

It’s amazing to see the direction in which street roller skating is evolving. If you were lucky, you saw Megan Shaffer ‘s street skating part ‘Dog Water’ premiere at Quad aka Blading Cup in sunny Santa Ana. If not, watch it here.
While the majority of quad skaters still favor transition, we’re stoked to see people like Megan choosing to shred rough and tough asphalt. Believe it or not – Megan has been skating for only two years but her level of creativity and her clean roll outs after nailing  gnarly grinds are mind blowing. We can’t wait to see what else Megan will bring to our screens in the future.

Megan Shaffer street edit: filmed by Trevor Kneen, Joey Lunger, Karli Craig, Ivey Wohl, Brodie Zimmerman, Addison Millhorn, Michael Coven, and Bobby Crawford.
Edited by Karli Craig (check out her first edit “Street Fighters”).

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