What You Need to Know about Quad Cup

by Marta
quad cup

Quad Cup is about to happen and you all are probably curious about how the competition is being judged. Moxi boss Michelle Steilen had a heavy hand in organizing the roller skate part and squeezed in a few minutes to tell us about the competition.

Blading Cup is an inline competition in Santa Ana, California, that has more than ten years in their books already. For 2022 its creators decided to include the Quad Cup, a big, if not the biggest  roller skating competition yet to happen.

Aside from a street competition in front of the Yost Theater, there is of course a mini ramp comp as well, as roller skaters nowadays simply love transition. The mini ramp is 6ft tall and 24ft wide. There been questions all over the internet of how the Quad Cup is going to be judged. Being one of the major sponsors and involved in organizing, we asked Michelle Steilen to give us some insights. Here’s what you need to know

There are preliminary and finals, run in five person heats. Everyone has two individual runs on the mini ramp that last 35 seconds. The ramp contest is scored as follows: Every single trick counts. Difficulty and consecutiveness will be the priority. If you connect your tricks and they are difficult you will perform the best. Michelle reminds us that 35 seconds is a short time, “You really want to be conservative with your tricks. The top 10 will advance in the finals with another two heats.

The street contests will be more of a jam session. Everyone will have an intro run in the heat with five minutes on their clock to bust out their best trick. “They will not count every single trick or falls. The judges are really looking for the best trick of the heat,” Michelle says.

Quad Cup Live Stream

The Quad Cup will be streamed live through Chillies & Scoops Youtube channel 

And for all of you who are able to attend, prepare for lots of parties and Megan Shaffer’s video premiere on Saturday. Event updates are posted on @bladingcup’s Instagram page.

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