Summer Lovers Music Video feat. Wheely Rainbow

by Marta
Summer Lovers

We have seen roller skating in recent music videos. But can there be enough of them? The answer must be: No! That’s why we dig FRANK ZING’s new video release for Summer Lovers. It features Berlin based Sara Lancerio aka Wheely Rainbow on Instagram.

This August, FRANK ZING released their debut track Summer Lovers already. Now, they’re following up with a sun-drenched, candy-colored video that’ll leave you feeling nostalgic for a romance you never had.

The video for Summer Lovers was filmed in Berlin, where the duo spent the summer. Over the course of a few short months, they immersed themselves in the city’s cultural scene and met an eclectic bunch of creatives, two of whom star as the video’s protagonists. Sara and dancer and film-maker Jessica Garfield play star-crossed lovers who are attempting to break free from the magnetic pull of their relationship. But enough words. Just enjoy the clip.

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