Roller Skaters Recommend their Favorite Wheels

by Marta
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We see them comments every day. Skaters ask other skaters they look up to and follow on Instagram about their gear. What plate is this, what trucks are these, which wheels do you use? We want to help you out so you do not have to hope for your idols to answer your questions (which they might never do). So, we reached out to roller skaters known for their gnarly skills y’all dream of having and asked them for their wheel recommendations. Here are their favorite picks and wheels of choice. Good luck in getting your hands on a set these days.

Nami’s @tsunami_s.o.d Picks

My recommendation is the Bones STF Wheels (Street Tech Formula) in a size 51 x 30mm/103A). I like the shape of the V2 series. They are small, hard and extremely durable. I have little to no hang ups and they are very agile. I prefer hard wheels because I like wheels to be slick. A down would be that you lose speed as they are tiny. Being skateboard wheels they are always available which I find a real plus. Usually I never ride more than three different kind of wheels. Currently I also skate on the Rollerbones Bowl Bombers which are nice.
When I hit vert half pipes or big deep bowls I ride the CIB Vertex as they have a bigger diameter. If I need bigger and softer wheels I go for Powell Peralta. Personally, I don’t think I need more than three sets.

Katie’s @ladybird_dirtt Picks

For skateparks, I use skateboard wheels (you need wide trucks) and prefer SPF, which means skatepark formula or hardness of 99/101. For size or durometer, I prefer smaller wheels 52’s or 54’s. With smaller wheels your slides and grinds are longer because the wheels won’t catch on the deck. My favorite brands are Spitfire, Bones and Quad Republics new wheels called “it’s not a phase” they’re skateboard style wheels, but sold in an 8 pack through their shop.
For trail skating/outdoor skating: bigger, softer wheels are better to roll over cracks and bumps. I use Radar energy wheels, and love that they last a long time. For beginner skaters, these will also work at the skate park.
For rink skating: harder wheels are better for soft wood floors. I prefer roller bones elite in 57’s with a 101 hardness.

Rubio’s @rubiosk88 Picks

For me the best wheels are the Abec11 Sublime Snotshot from 58 to 60 mm. They have a very small contact patch and are perfect for tricks, slides, and quick turns. They are perfect for wooden and concrete skate parks. With other brands I would go for the same width and size.

Tami’s @lil_miss_fiasco Picks

I mainly ride Spitfire Formula Four for park skating, right now I’m rolling on 54 mm 99 duro radials. They provide predictable grip yet slide excellently, and are really resistant to flat spots. Sometimes I’ll drop down to a slightly softer wheel for better grip on really slick ramps or for rough surface rebound, but I tend to stick with the F4’s for most situations. I prefer the Tablet shape since they are a bit thinner and have a flat profile, locking in to grinds feels solid. But I like the Classics and Radials too, and typically will grab whatever the local shop has in stock.

Mira’s @mynameismira Picks

Currently I am skating the CIB X Reckless Park Wheels. I am not a person who switches out wheels a lot for various situations and I like these wheels because they’re good for both concrete parks outside and wooden indoor parks. The wheels are not too big and that reduces the risk of wheel bite while sliding, which is important to me because I love slides and grinds. The hardness (98a) is also perfect: they’re hard enough to gain speed and they do not feel sticky at all, but they’re also not too hard for me to totally lose control on wooden / more slippery surfaces.
For rougher outdoor skateparks I also like skating the Moxi Fundae wheels. They feel a bit softer but still give you a lot of speed and control. On rougher terrains these wheels definitely feel like a smoother ride than harder park wheels. And even in indoor skateparks I think the Fundaes hold up well because, even though they’re grippier, you won’t lose too much speed.

moxi fundae

JaQuan’s @rollakqi Picks

For my rink skating I run old Vanathane wheels. The current set I’m on are some Chicago 77k Vanathanes that I have fallen in love with. I use them because they allow me to do slides and don’t flat spot but still have enough grip for really technical foot work. For skating in the park I’m on my sponsors Atom Skates rhythm wheels the “Tone” wheels I choose to use these for my park and street skating because they are a 97a which is soft enough to cushion some landing but hard enough to keep speed in the bowls and vert ramps.

Garry’s @garrymanfroid Picks

I am using Rollerbones Bowl Bombers 62mm at the moment. The quality of these wheels is just incredible, amazing lifetime, very fast, incredible rebound. I used to skate Vertex 60mm as well but can’t find them anymore. I would use smaller wheels (57mm) only when I want to skate street to reduce wheel bites.


Thais @thaisonwheels Picks’

My favorite everyday wheels are the Moxi Fundae. They are 58mm 92a with a round shape. I think they are great for many different purposes, especially if you’re travelling. They work great for slippery ramps and aren’t too hard on rough surfaces. I wouldn’t recommend them to concrete park lovers tho!
My favorite park wheels are the Juice Rita park wheels in 57mm 99a. I’m obsessed with the dual durometer, which means they have a higher rebound inner core (which is great to absorb shocks) I’m also in love with the round shape of them.
My favorite street wheels are the Energy Radar in 57mm 78a ! They are very soft and responsive, it feels like you’re skating on clouds. Perfect for long skate ride! Lately I’ve also tried the new Luminous wheels in 58mm 85a and they are super fun for night dance session !

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