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by Marta
Kristell Funes

Kristell Funes should not fly under your radar if you ask us. Born in El Salvador, living in the Bay Area, this 18-year-old skater loves to shred the streets of San Francisco. How well, she just showed in her latest edit “Hot Potato.” Keep reading if you want to know why Kristell picked up a pair of skates two years ago, where her favorite skate spots are, and what she does when she’s not skating.

Kristell, how long have you been skating and what made you pick up a pair of quads?

I’ve been roller skating for two years. I’ve always been very open about why I started skating; it has never been “too personal.” I began skating during the pandemic in March 2021 when I was feeling lost, anxious, and depressed. I had completely given up on myself.

Then, I saw a clip of Estro Jen doing a barani and I was flabbergasted. I wanted to try it! I was hanging on by a thread, so I had nothing to lose. Every time I fell down, something inside me told me to get back up. Every time I accomplished something, I felt a sensation I had never experienced before. It was hope, and I fell in love with it. From that moment on, I made a promise to myself that nothing or no one would stop me from skating, including myself.

What does roller skating mean to you besides from the athletic fun?

To me, roller skating means freedom. I love the way I can pour my heart and soul into skating. It’s a form of expression.

Tell us a bit about the roller skate scene in San Francisco.

The whole city is a spot where you can skate almost anything. The weather is nice, and the views are perfect. There are places from which you can see the entire city. In my experience skating in SF, the skating community, in general, has always been very welcoming and supportive.

Which skateparks and street spots in your area are your favorites and a must visit?

If you ever visit San Francisco, you have to skate Soma, Twin Peaks and Corvette St. Soma is a street park and is one of the most well-known skate parks in San Francisco. Twin Peaks and Corbett St are connected. It’s a 10-minute hillbomb, where you can see the entire city from the top. It’s a very popular spot among skateboarders, and it’s also one of my favorite places to visit.

photo: Oskar Malone Peyak @shiveringnerve

Favorite tricks you go for everywhere you show up?

My favorite tricks are Sweat-Stance and top P-star.

Top 5 songs on your playlist?

My favorite songs currently are; Baby, I love your way – Big Mountain / Sweat – Inner Circle / It was a good day – Ice Cube / Rockstar Made – Playboi Carti / Many men – 21 Savage & Metro booming

What does your skate-travel wish-list look like?

I would love to skate all around the world, honestly. Specially skate at MACBA (Barcelona) or explore different spots in Japan.


What do you do if you are not skating?

If I’m not skating, I’m either working, at home painting, baking or resting. But every day is “me” day to me.

Anything else you want to say?

We all have a little fire in us, you can either choose to ignore it, or embrace it. Just don’t let it consume you.


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